Sweet New Videos

Tuesday must have been the un-official release day for music videos.

Back in August I gave you all the track to Drake's new single "Forever" now I will be giving you all the video for the sweet single. I love the fact that 4 hot rappers are on this 1 hot track. Sweet!

Plies released the video for his controversial song "Becky".

The video is not what I expected it would be, but I guess he had to slightly keep it clean for TV. *side eye*

[SIDENOTE: Now I love Plies' music and I think this song is hilarious considering it is talking about a sexual act, BUT I cannot believe that radio stations have the song in heavy rotation. Even with the word "becky" being a substitute for this act you can still understand what the man is talking about. I would hate for a 10 year old child to be listening to a station and the song comes and starts singing "Gimme that Becky", like seriously what ever happened to censorship people?! ugh! ]

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