MTV Movie Awards

In case you missed it (like I did). Here's the video of comedian Bruno putting his stuff in Eminem's face.

Em's crew was really fighting dude off of Em. I don't think was staged at all.


Sweetz for the Weekend

Bow Wow releases new video for his song "Pole in my Basement" just for the guys

So it seems the 22 year old rapper is finally trying to break away from his child image with his new video. The video was definitly made for the guys, his wide fan base of females are probably not too happy since the video is focusing on a girl stripping for the camera and dancing on a pole. Ya'll check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think...

This is certainly not a video that will make it to any music network show. It's a little too risqué even for me.

Congrats to Kimora & Djimon

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou will soon be blessed with a new baby boy. Kimora went into labor early Saturday morning. She, of course, announced it through her twitter page and even sent a picture of her during labor.

“It’s time !! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now!! Love &
Light, KLS.”

She's still FABULOUS even during labor!!


Sweet Videos

Kanye West officially dropped his new video for 'Paranoid'

Rihanna is looking sweet in this video! So glad my girl is back...

But she's not the only one starring a new YouTube Video.

Chris Brown broke his silence

Her ex-beau Chris Brown just released some videos with his pal Bow Wow by his side. He spoke about his new upcoming album & new single that will be released this summer.

I'm not too sure about this video. He doesn't seem too sincere, especially the way he refers to his "real fans". What's that about? So your not a "real fan" if you think he's a woman beater?! I don't get it? What about ya'll?

Sexy 'Spec' Responds

Yesterday the internet was buzzing about the "Tipsy" video that Spectacular released on YouTube. Well he did a radio interview about the response he was getting and how the video was misunderstood.


--Mike Tyson Update--

As reported yesterday Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter, Exodus Tyson, was critically injured in a treadmill accident on Monday. It has just been confirmed that Exodus Tyson, 4, has now died. This is such a sad story.

“The Tyson family would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks for
all your prayers and support, and we ask that we be allowed our privacy at this
difficult time,” the boxer said in a statement.

A tragedy like this should show us all that we do not need to take life for granted. My prayers go out to the family. R.I.P Exodus.

Spectacular Dance's For You

Pretty Ricky's Spectacular released a video on YouTube challenging other r&b artists & groups to see who was Number 1. He debuted the group's new single "Tipsy" and does a 'questionable' dance as well. Ya'll take a look at it and let me know what you all think! SWEET OR SOUR?


Tyson's Daughter on Life Support

Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter was found beside a treadmill with a cord around her neck today in Phoenix. The little girl's 7 year old brother found her in the room on the treadmill and immediately called for their mother. The girl was taken to the emergency room, by ambulance and was stated to be in extremely critical condition. There is no word on how she fell and the cord became wrapped around her neck, but officials are sure it was an accident.

This is a very tragic story my prayers are with the Tyson family and hope that girl has a speedy recover.

Happy Memorial Day

Let's take the time to give thanks to all the soldiers who gave their lives to fight for our wonderful country.

Everyone be safe and enjoy the day!

Sweet Accessories...

I love the gladiator style sandal and Steve Madden has a pair that I need in my closet...NOW! I love the multicolored ones because it's a different look for gladiators. You usually find them in metallic colors and black & brown. These are priced at $80 on the Steve Madden website.

It's officially the summer time and that means great colored accessories. This bag I found on the Steve Madden website, its a nice bright yellow satchel style bag. Big enough to carry all your sweet summer essentials. You can find this bag on the Steve Madden website for only $58.

Daily Inspiration

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an
--William Feather


Bad Day Relief

A few weeks ago a friend introduced me to a website that allows people to vent about the bad things that happened in their lives. If you think you have it bad wait until you read these short stories on fmylife.com. Here are a couple of new stories that have been posted.

Today, I confronted my fiance and told him I knew his 'little secret'. I
had suspected that he had been ruining his wedding diet by eating pizza at
the office. He replied that the affair with his secretary had only been going on for
a couple of months. FML
-05/24/2009 at 7:39pm by Anonymous
Today, I was on the bus home and on the phone with my best friend discussing my sex life with this new guy I'm seeing. I was telling her all sorts of raunchy sex things we've done until someone taps my shoulder and says "I'm sure he doesn't appreciate you saying this in public." It was his mom. FML

- 05/19/2009 at 8:51pm by Kens

There are many more stories like this. The site has topics such as: work, kids, money, sex, life, and love and more.

Tyrese causing Mayhem

Tyrese will be releasing a new comic book called "Mayhem" coming to stores August 5. You can pre-order it now for $2.99 and the first 30 buyers you will get a personal phone call from Tyrese and the first 200 will get a limited edition comic signed by the man himself.

Now I am not a comic book fan, but it does look to be very interesting. The character, Mayhem will be saving the streets of Los Angeles from the crime lord Big X. I love the idea of a black superhero saving the world. Good job, Tyrese. For more info check out buymayhem.com.


Sweet Video

Beyonce just premiered her new video for the song Ego. Check it out!

What do ya'll think sweet or sour?

We'll Always Love Big Poppa

Today rapper Notorious B.I.G would have been 36 years old. We lost him back in '97 but his life & music still lives on! I wonder what the rap game would be like now if he was still alive.

Skys The Limit (Featuring 112) - The Notorious B.I.G.

Also R.I.P to Atlanta rapper Dolla. He was shot & killed earlier this week at Los Angeles mall. Dolla was signed to Akon's label Konvict Music and had the sweet hit "Who the F*** is That" last summer that blew up the airwaves. This is such a tragic story because he was only 21 and a rapper with a promising future. This violence has got to stop!

Sweet Accessories...

She Rockin' That "Chain" Like...

What a better way to start the daily sweet accessory than with the beautiful Bey! She was in Barcelona, with the hubby Jay, rocking a sweet diamond encrusted signature "B" chain! A nice simple item like that can add so much to your outfit. Pure sweetness, I would love to have a "R" chain that big around my neck. What about you? Sweet or Sour?

--pic via theybf.com

Sweet Umbrella

I just recently stumbled on a unique clothing site modcloth.com and found that they have really nice clothes and very unique accessories. While I was looking at the accessories I noticed they had an umbrella very similar to the one I own & love. I purchased mine at a boutique in SC and it is very similar to this except my handle is clear and makes a very odd circular shape. The "Strawberry Shortcake" umbrella is sold out on the site and was priced at $27.99. I love unique things that stand out! Whenever I carry this umbrella I always receive many compliments on its uniqueness.


It's Official

After months of speculation the very popular TV show on CW network "The Game" is cancelled. It's a very sad day in the Black community. Many blog sites have been claiming to have the "inside scoop" for weeks now but minutes ago on Twitter Tia Mowry made this statement:

It is OFFICIAL that THE GAME has been cancelled:( Just got the call from Mara! I am sad to bring this news!

-via @TiaMowry

Whenever a network moves a show to Friday nights you already know that the next step for the show is to get axed so I'm not surprised, but I do believe that this is really crazy after all the support they have been trying to raise for the show & the number of viewers they received for the season finale last Friday, I cannot believe they would go on and cancel it. This is one of the best shows on televison, I guess now we will just have to settle for the repeated re-runs on BET. CW network also cancelled "Everybody Hates Chris" as well.

the Palm Pre

Sprint has finally released the date for the "most anticipated electronic device of the year". The Palm Pre will be released Saturday June 6 and will bee $200 (after mail-in rebate) with a 2 yr contract, I am very excited about this. I already have the Palm Centro that came out in 2007 and I love the Palm devices, I have never had any technical problems with my phone so I know this phone is going to be great! The Pre is being compared to AT & T's iPhone and Verizon's Blackberry Storm. This phone has raised the slumming Palm stock up tremendously. You will be able to buy this phone at Sprint and Best Buy stores on the release dates. Best Buy is said to be giving an instant mail-in rebate to those who purchase the phone from their store. But Sprint is concerned that they will not have enough phones to their customers due to the high demand of the phone, so I am hoping that I will be able to get mine, I refuse to wait outside in any type of line, I'm too cute for that! I have my sprint lady emailing me all the insider info for the phone, and she just emailed saying that there will be a pre-release of the Palm Pre Friday June 5 and this event is invite only to Sprint's Premier Customers. If you are with Sprint the email should read:

As a Sprint Premier customer, you are exclusively invited to the hottest
wireless launch party. Mingle with celebs and enjoy hors d'oeuvres, wine, and
music while taking the Palm Pre for a spin on America’s most dependable 3G
network. Plus, you will be able to purchase the Pre at the event before it hits
the street.

I don't think regular people like me will be receiving that email, but it would be nice if it just popped up in my inbox. A girl can only dream!


Mo'Nique's New Show

Comedienne Mo'Nique announced on Oprah yesterday that she will be having a late nite talk show starting in the Fall on BET. She said on Oprah that she is very excited about her new show and that she hopes it leaves people feeling good after watching it.
I am interested in seeing this new show, I think it will show a more serious side of the comedienne. I really can't believe that it is being picked up by BET, I guess they really are working on revamping the network. Hopefully it won't get chopped like her radio show. Best of Luck to ya Mo'Nique!!

Coming Soon...

So I have a major obsession for "sweet" accessories and I want to share my love with you all! I have decided to add a new feature focusing on accessories for girls & even guys! I will show you the hottest trends in sunglasses, jewelry, and shoes, so be on the lookout for my new daily feature. I'm sure you all will love it!!

Chart Topper

The results are in and surprisingly Chrisette Michele's sophomore album Epiphany debuted No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart beating Ciara's Fantasy Ride that debuted No. 3. Although these two ladies were at the top, they still did not sell a many copies, Chrisette only sold 83,000 copies.
I am really shocked, I love both of these ladies and heard great things about their albums, but I really thought Ciara would top the charts being she is a pop superstar. Also she has 3 smash singles off the new album and has been promoting her album very hard, making appearances on everything. Maybe the fact that Chrisette's album was selling $2.99 on Amazon helped her a lot. Congrats to Chrisette though, for pulling off the top spot! I know she has to be on cloud 9 after hearing the news.

And the Winner is...

Congrats to the newest winner of America's Next Top Model cycle 12 is 20 year old Teyona fron New Jersey! I wish her much success in the industry!


Sweetz for the Weekend

JoJo Simmons arrested

Legendary Rev. Run from Run-DMC's son Joseph "JoJo" Simmons was caught buying weed Friday night off the streets of Manhattan. When the cop came to his window JoJo allegedly put the car in reverse and slammed into a parked car, then began to put up a fight with the cop. He was charged with attempted reckless endangerment, criminal use of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, and criminal possession of marijuana. SMH...Lil' JoJo, I am so shocked! You are a "Simmons" child why are you out buying your weed on the streets?!? Come on dude, you have got to know better than that. I wonder how the Rev is taking this, I'm hoping the "Run's House" cameras were rolling when they got him out of jail, this would truly make for good TV.

Rap Lyricist Weds...

Saturday afternoon Talib Kweli married DJ Eque in the hills of Bel-Air. Many celebs were there to show their support including Queen Latifah, and former of Danity Kane members Aubrey & D. Woods. They are really cute together, I wish them the best!

pic courtesy: myspace.com/djeque


Cassie Shocking Photos!

It's 4:30 a.m and I was about to go to sleep but I kept seeing posts about Cassie on twitter so I decided to do a little research and what did I find you may ask, Cassie's pierced nipples! It seems someone has posted some very risque pictures of your girl Cassie just a couple of hours ago. She posted a comment on her twitter about the pictures:

"It seems that someone has hacked into my computer… that’s real foul and
evil. Now stop acting like you haven’t seen a titty before."

She seems very calm about the situation, maybe a little too calm?! But I understand she's a model so it wouldn't phase her...but doesn't she have an album coming out soon?? Just an idea. Let's not forget she did just shave half her head bald just a couple of weeks ago. Hmm...Just a thought. But ya'll decide.. Sorry i covered the "best" part up, but this just isn't that kind of site. Lol. For the real deal & more pictures you can go to____. Hehe.

photos courtesy: http://bigvon.com

Do the Diddy Bop??

Year 2009 has to be the year of the comebacks. The newest artist to release new music is your man P. Diddy! Yesterday I was riding in the car with my friends and on the radio they were playing a mix during the mix they played Diddy's new song "DIDDY BOP". On twitter I saw Diddy saying a few things bout "bopping" but I did not know what he was talking about, I mean its Diddy, he has a tendency to be random at times. I'm going to have to give it to the man he does make hits. Once you hear this song it will have you "bopping" in your seat.

New York Goes to Work...

Reality star Tiffany "New York" Pollard has a brand new show on VH1 called "New York Goes to Work". Each week viewers are able to vote (via text message) for the job that they think New York should do. For those of you interested in voting please be aware that it costs a $1 per text and if New York completes the job she will receive $10,000 a wk. I personally feel that the $1 text goes toward her weekly check, so I would never vote. Why spend my money just to give it to her?!

But I will watch the show because New York is overly dramatic making the show hilarious! The first week viewers were given the option of having her work as a baker, exterminator, or farm worker. The viewers decided that she should be an exterminator, and boy was that funny! New York had to deal with "killer" bees, wrangle a snake, and climb under a house to get a dead mouse (which she did not do). Even though she put up a fight and did complete all but 1 task, she earned her money at the end. I will continue to watch the show and hope that you suckers viewers vote on the WORST & NASTIEST job for her to do for my entertainment pleasure!

Sweet? or Sour?

Rihanna made her first red carpet appearance-post 'the incident'-at the 2009 New York Costume Institute Gala. She rocked a very interesting outfit, an all black Dolce & Gabbanna men-inspired tuxedo. Only Rih-Rih can pull something like this off. I am so happy that she decided to get rid of that jheri-curl looking hairstyle she's been rocking lately. The girl is fabulous, but I'm not so sure about this outfit for her comeback. What do ya'll think?

is it sweet or sour?

pic courtesy picapp.com


Chicken Frenzy

Tuesday at 9am Oprah posted on her website that she would be giving the nation a FREE grilled chicken dinner with 2 sides, and a biscuit from KFC. All you had to do was go on http://oprah.com/ and print the coupon. BUT it was not that simple. Many people had problems with printing the coupon because you needed to download an application to your computer before you began to print. You are able to print 4 coupons & the offer last until May 19 (excluding Mother's Day). I was lucky enough to get a friend to print a coupon for me. A group of us went to KFC today and it was crazy! The drive thru line wrapped around the building and the wait inside was a hour long. But, it was well worth the wait because the chicken was great! Even though it is too late to print the coupon now, I suggest that ya'll go out to KFC and try their new grilled chicken.


Daily Inspiration

"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

- Walter Gagehot

via @iamdiddy on twitter.com

The Hills with no L.C??

There have been rumors that this season of the very popular MTV reality show, The Hills would be its last. But this week MTV released a statement saying the show will continue and that Lauren Conrad, the star, will not be appearing in the new season. They decided to continue the show because of the hype surrounding Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt's (3rd) wedding ceremony that occured last weekend. Don't worry Hills fans, your other favs, Audrina, Lo, Brady, Stephanie, and Justin Bobby will still be starring on the show.

Forever 21 Introduces New Plus Size Line

Faith 21, the newest plus size collection for the very popular trendy clothing store, Forever 21 will be released today. Forever 21 will be extending their top sizes from XL-2X and denim sizes to 34 now (which is equivalent to a size 14/16). The collection can be found at select stores throughout the states of AZ, CA, FL, IL, TX, UT, and VA. For those of you who do not live in these states do not worry, you can go online to http://forever21.com/ and find the styles on the website. I personally am excited for this new collection, even though I am not plus size, as a former employee of the company I saw many curvaceous women coming in the store finding the perfect outfit only to find out we did not carry their size. So I am very happy that now, they don't have to be turned away or left only to buy accessories from the store. Faith 21 will give, Forever 21 the boost they may need in this slum economy.

Power Couple files for DIVORCE!!

According to Vibe Magazine R&B star, Kelis, has filed for a divorce from rap superstar, Nas. The couple married in July 2003 and are expecting their first child, later this year. I hate that they are getting a divorce they were so cute together and I can only imagine how beautiful their child is going to be. They seemed so happy together, but I guess us outsiders will never really know what is going on between the two. Whatever they wish to do I wish them the best.

Sweet? or Sour?

Beyonce was spotted in Vienna, Austria rockin' a very interesting outfit. I personally love all the pieces, but separately. Her YSL boots I'm just not feeling them with the J Brand jeans though and I would kill for the Valentino handbag she's carrying! So what do you think of Beyonce's glam rock look?
Is it sweet or sour?
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