Sweet Video

Beyonce has once again released another video from the album "I Am...Sasha Fierce" this video is for the song Broken-Hearted Girl.

This is one of my favorite songs from the "I Am" album and I am glad that Bey put together a very nice video for the song.

Li Lo Topless

Lindsay Lohan posted a topless picture of herself via Twitter on Monday.
LiLo posted it saying:

"op-fornarina.OLD PHOTOS. I'm THAT bored @iambenlyons and @perezhilton"

So when you're bored you post topless pictures of yourself Lindsay?! Ok! To each is own I guess.

When will she be making her official comeback, I would love to see her in a new movie soon!


Happy Birthday

June 16, 2009 marks the 38th birthday of the late great West coast rapper Tupac Shakur. He was truly a legend in the rap game and his legacy continues.

Let's all celebrate his life.

Happy Birthday Tupac!


L.C. Lives On

Lauren Conrad has written a book based loosely on her life as a reality tv star. L.A. Candy is about a 19 year old girl, Jane Roberts, who moves to Hollywood for an internship and begins to star in her own reality show.

I read an excerpt from the book in the June/July issue of Teen Vogue and it is a must read for the summer. I suggest that every fan of L.C. and The Hills should go and get this book.


Got Money? Why Save It?

T-Pain has just shelled out alot of money on his new "Big A$$ Chain".
The chain is 10 pounds and has 197 karats! Wow!!

How can you even wear something that big around your neck?? This is a bit too much T-Pain. I mean really, can we say "RIDICULOUS!?"

pic courtesy: smokingsection.uproxx.com

Sweetz for the Weekend

Year of the Comeback Strikes Again

Whitney Houston will be releasing her first album in 7 years come September 1. The title of the album has not been said. But her first single will be released this summer! So excited to hear that she is officially back. Do ya'll think the album will be nice?

Jay Z has the internet going crazy with his new song D.O.A (Death of Autotune) it is produced by No I.D. Check out the song right here....

It is reported that the new album The Blueprint 3 will be released September 11. I am looking forward to this! I am a big Jay Z fan and can not wait to buy the new album.

For you Lil Wayne & Kobe Bryant Fans

Lil Wayne shows who he's supporting in the NBA Finals giving Kobe Bryant a new theme song.

Kobe Bryant - Lil Wayne

I'm not a Kobe fan but it's a cute song. I'm a tad bit jealous though, I want a hot song about me.


American Idol "Out"

The runner-up of American Idol 2009 is the very controversial Adam Lambert. His sexuality has been under the radar since the beginning of the season. Although he has not confirmed it yet, it is reported that Adam will be on the cover of People speaking about it.

Monday night, Adam was seen holding hands with his boyfriend leaving "Guys & Dolls" nightclub in W. Hollywood. They are a very fashionable couple.

I find it interesting that America fell in love with this guy but yet America is still against homosexuality. It should be interesting to see how his popularity & fame plays out with his new music that is supposed to be releasing at the end of the year. Will he be the newest gay pop star?! I believe so, hey the guy is talented and an amazing singer. I wish him much success with his career.

Bow Wow Begs To Be Dropped

Recently on Twitter Bow Wow has been ranting about how bad he really wants to leave his record label, Columbia. The other day Bow did a live feed via justin.tv stating his exact problems with the label.

Watch live video from Bow Wow on Justin.tv

Now I don't know anything about the music business but what Bow says does make sense about Columbia not promoting rappers hard. Just look at who his labelmate is, BEYONCE. She is everywhere, world tours, U.S concerts, concert DVDs, double albums, they do it all for Beyonce. Yes her audience is broader, but if they promote Bow more maybe he could be gain a larger fanbase, instead of the little kids who love him. Because as we saw on the video that I posted last week "Pole in my Basement", he's definitly all grown up!

What do ya'll think?

Sweet Videos

New Black Eyed Peas New Video
2009 is the year of the comebacks & great new music. Black Eyed Peas reunited this year and dropped a sweet hit "Boom Boom Pow" & now their new single "I Gotta Feeling" will be blowing up the airwaves as well.
Check out the video...

OH NO! Not Again!
Last week I gave ya'll the video of Sexy Spec challenging some of our favorite male artists to a 'grind' off. In the video he was dancing and grinding to Pretty Ricky's new single "Tipsy". All the talk was finally dying down until Sexy Spec released part 2 of his very controversial video. SMH...But this time he's now dancing in his boxer briefs and saying that it's specifically for the ladies.

SMH again ya'll! What are ya'll thinking?
It's still a little questionable to me. And I want to know who is recording the video because I'm thinking it may be another guy! Just my opinion.
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