American Music Awards Performances

The show opened up with a sweet comeback performance from Janet Jackson.

Rihanna's performance of "Wait Your Turn" and "Hard".

New York's Anthem. Am I the only person tired of seeing Jay Z perform this song? I mean I'm just saying.

Jennifer Lopez performed her new single "Louboutins". Interesting.Be sure to catch the fall at 2:57, she hopped up fast though.


Beyonce & Lady Gaga Video Phone

It's here! The most anticipated video has finally arrived 2 weeks late & a day too early. The official video leaked hours prior to the release time at midnight. Check it out. Sorry MTV!


2009 Hip Hop Awards: Cypher

The cypher has always been my favorite part of the BET Hip Hop Awards, it shows the raw talent of some of the hottest signed, unsigned, and underground rappers in the game. Here are the clips of the 2009 BET Cypher from tonight's show.

First up: Nicki Minaj, Buckshot, Crown Royyal, & Joe Budden in the cypher.

Nicki Minaj is my new favorite female rapper. There will be more posts about her soon.

Cypher #2 featuring KRS One, Wale, Nipsey Hussle, & Gsan

Gsan is a rapper from Tanzania, hip hop is so global. I love it.

But...BET saved the best for last.Mos Def, Eminem, & Black Thought

Ya'll know how I feel about Eminem. He is a freaking monster! Sweet.

The Cypher shows that real hip hop is still alive!

Sweet Video

CHRIS BROWN "I Can Transform Ya"

I'm so excited to see a new video and hear new music from him. Chris also announced via Twitter that his album will be released December 15. [the day after my birthday, and which I will be accepting all gifts ;-)] Also Chris Brown will also be doing a fan appreciation tour starting November 14 in Houston.


In Case You Missed It...

Sunday night rapper Nas was on CNN discussing the recent outbreak of violence in Chicago and his "Open Letter to Young Warriors".

Of course, they start the interview off with violent & negative song lyrics from on of his songs trying to make it seem as though Nas is a hypocrite. But as he speaks he proves them wrong. Great interview and kudos to Nas.

Daily Inspiration

You will never feel more alive than when you live the dream God created you for.

-via @JoelOsteenmin

Happy Birthday

Hip hop mogul, RUSSELL SIMMONS, celebrated his birthday on Sunday October 4. Here's a picture of the birthday boy partying it up over the weekend.

Usher Signed Those 'Papers'

Usher's new single 'Papers' was released today. If you loved Confessions ,you will love this song. If his album is anything like this song, it is going to be another classic. Check it out:

I wonder how Tameka feels? Nah, I could careless, I'm not a fan of hers. I wish Usher & Chilli would get back together.

Video Dance Challenge

Teyana Taylor released a video of her dancing to the new hit single "Drop It Low" by Ester Dean featuring Chris Brown. She sent out a message on twitter saying:

You gotta week to learn it thats more than enuff time...winning video will be headed to london with me

Teyana killed it in this video, I did not know the girl could dance like this. She makes me wanna pull out the old dance shoes and submit a video response. =D

Sweet Photo of the Day

Lance Gross was spotted at the Jermaine Dupri & Nelly Bowling Tournament.

[Sidenote: This event helped raise over $80,000 in proceeds for the Atlanta Flood victims. Good Job to those celebs who donated. ]

And fashionista Rihanna made an appearance at Paris Fashion week, wearing this revealing black dress. Only Rih Rih can wear something so daring & still look sweet in it.

Brandy Delivers...

Over the weekend R&B singer Brandy, posted a video of her singing "Over the Rainbow on her YouTube account. Her singing literally put chills on my body, she has true talent.

Check it out...

T.I New Video

My favorite rapper T.I. has released a new song & video "Hell of a Life".

Check the video out...


Ruff Ryders Reunion

Now I was only in middle school when the Ruff Ryders were hot but I LOVED their music and when I got word that they all joined together and did the remix and a video to Swizz Beatz & Jadakiss track "Who's Real" I almost had a heart attack!

Some of these folks [i.e, Drag-On] we have not heard from in years but they still have it! DMX is still crazy [no shade], Eve looks fab, and Drag-On is not as cute as he used to be; but they all look good and I am happy about this track. I just hope this reunion does not stop here. I need more Ruff Ryder music in my life!

2009 is officially the year of the comebacks!

Sweet New Videos

Tuesday must have been the un-official release day for music videos.

Back in August I gave you all the track to Drake's new single "Forever" now I will be giving you all the video for the sweet single. I love the fact that 4 hot rappers are on this 1 hot track. Sweet!

Plies released the video for his controversial song "Becky".

The video is not what I expected it would be, but I guess he had to slightly keep it clean for TV. *side eye*

[SIDENOTE: Now I love Plies' music and I think this song is hilarious considering it is talking about a sexual act, BUT I cannot believe that radio stations have the song in heavy rotation. Even with the word "becky" being a substitute for this act you can still understand what the man is talking about. I would hate for a 10 year old child to be listening to a station and the song comes and starts singing "Gimme that Becky", like seriously what ever happened to censorship people?! ugh! ]


New Hip Hop Fashionista

The past few years Rihanna has revamped her style into the "bad girl" image and is known to be the top fashionista in the hip hop culture but she could soon be dethroned by the new hottest chick Amber Rose.

Amber Rose is the girlfriend of rapper Kanye West but when they are together, you may look at her and say, "Kanye who?". Amber Rose recently signed to Ford Modeling Agency and already has a layout in Elle Magazine!
Rihanna is supposedly having a new album released in November.
Check out some pictures of the Rihanna & Amber and you tell me who's hotter?!

Who's hotter sweetz?

Sweet Performances

Keri Hilson performed her new hit single "Slow Dance" on Jimmy Kimmel last week, showing why she is the hottest chick in the R & B game right now. Check out the performance.

Beyonce has taken her I Am... tour down-under in Australia. Over the weekend she serenaded a young girl who is battling cancer. Beyonce is such a sweetheart. This video almost brought me to tears.

To those still "freaked out" about Lady GaGa's outfits and performance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards check her out performing one of her many hits acoustic, "Pokerface", live at the Marc Jacobs after party. I'm a fan and even I did not know she could sing this well.

and saving the best for last...This has to be my most favorite performance of the month right now. Jay Z performing live at his 9/11 benefit concert in NY at Madison Square Gardens with Rihanna & Kanye West. This is Rihanna's debut performance since the 'incident' and she looks amazing and even sound great too!

R & B Mixtapes the New Hot Thing

There seems to be a new trend within the R & B game right now, that being releasing mixtapes. This has always been something done mainly by rap artists and top DJs in the industry, but recently many R&B acts have been dropping hot new mixtapes.

The most talked about R&B mixtape, "Anticipated", was released early this summer by Trey Songz. I guess other artists saw the buzz that he was generating with his mixtape and then upcoming album "Ready" and decided to follow his lead.

Soon after Trey, the young Florida star Sammie released his mixtape "Swag & B", which did not get a lot of buzz.

And as of last week Marques Houston and Mya tweeted that they both had mixtapes releasing very soon. Marques also has a new album releasing at the end of this month, so maybe he's trying to get all the buzz he can because I have not heard anything about his album "Mr. Houston".

But the lovely miss Mya has not had an album in years so I am looking forward to hearing new music from her as well as seeing her on the show "Dancing with the Stars" which premieres tonight, September 21, on ABC. Listen to her first single off the mixtape featuring Bun B "Show Me Something".

Happy Birthday

My favorite IT girl Angela Simmons celebrated her 22nd birthday Friday, September 18.

*sidenote: if anyone knows where they sell these pants Ang has on could you tell me, I really want a pair.*


the very sexy and multi-talented Columbus Short celebrated his 27th birthday on Saturday, September 19.


Columbus is starring in the new blockbuster hit "Whiteout" alongside Kate Beckinsale in theaters now. Check out the trailer.

Sweet New Music

Dawn Richard former artist of the group Danity Kane has a new single out called "Do It". After first listen the song was immediately stuck in my head. The hook is very catchy and the verses are real sweet.

And let's not forget that Dawn, Diddy, and Kaleena have now formed a new group Dirty Money Crew. Their new single "Love Come Down" recenlty hit radio airwaves. Check it out.


National HBCU Week

President Barack Obama has declared this week the National Historically Black Colleges & University week.

"...NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the
United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim August 30 through September 5, 2009, as National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week. I call upon public officials, educators, and all the people of the United States to observe this week with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities that acknowledge the tremendous
contributions these institutions and their graduates have made to our country..."

As a proud student of an HBCU I am happy that we are finally gettting the recognition that we deserve.

Thank You Mr. President.

Sweet Pic of the Week

Rihanna was spotted hanging out at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California this week. She taught Tweety Bird how to be a rock star like herself!

Chris Speaks Out

Chris Brown will be having his first official interview with Larry King on CNN Wednesday night at 9 p.m.eastern. CNN released two 30-second previews of the interview with Brown and his mother:

Chris recently released a statement about the previews that CNN released stating:

"There have been reports on the Internet that I didn't remember what happened that night with Rihanna. I want to try and set things straight.

That 30 seconds of the interview they used of me was taken from a one hour interview during which that same question was asked something like 4 or 5 times -- and when you look at the entire interview you will see it is not representative of what I said.

The first four times or how ever many times it was - I gave the same answer -- which was that I didn't think it was appropriate for me to talk about what happened that night. I said it was not right for me and it really wasn't fair to Rihanna. The fifth time or whatever it was I just misspoke. I was asked, "Do you remember doing it?" and I said, "No."

Of course I remember what happened. Several times during the interview, my mother said that I came to her right afterwards and told her everything. But it was and still is a blur. And yes, I still can't believe it happened because it is not me or who I am or is what happened like anything I have ever done before.

As I have said several times previously, I am ashamed of and sorry for what happened that night and I wish I could relive that moment and change things, but I can't. I take full responsibility for my actions. What I have to do now is to prove to the world that this was an isolated incident and that is not who I am and I intend to do so by my behavior now and in the future."

-Chris Brown

Be sure to tune in to Larry King Live tonight at 9 p.m eastern to see the full interview.

In case you missed the Chris Brown interview last night on CNN with Larry King. Here is the youtube video of the interview.

Jay Z Speaks About Album Leak

Earlier this week rapper Jay Z spoke about his album, Blueprint 3, being leaked weeks prior to the Sept. 11 release date.

I refuse to listen to any of the leaked tracks from the album. I plan on supporting Jay Z and buying the album the day it drops.


In Case You Missed It...

Over the weekend the Miss Universe Awards took place in Nassau, Bahamas crowning the very young & very beautiful Miss Venezuela. This is the second year in a row that the country has taken this award. So congrats to them, but that was hardly the most important news from the ceremony. Heidi Montag stole the show with her first ever live performance debuting her new single "Body Language".
Here's the video of her live performance.

This was horrible! But I will give Mrs. Pratt an "A" for effort. It took a lot of courage to go out there and perform for millions of people watching in the world but why did she lip sync!? Come on Heidi. smh... Good Try though.


New Music

A new track has been released from Drake's upcoming album. The track is called "Forever". The song features Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Eminem. The song is definitly sweet! I love it. What about you sweeties?! Are you all liking it? I think Drake killed it as usual and it Kanye's verse is funny.


Daily Inspiration

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

-William Feather

Breaking News: Drake Collapses

Rap phenomenon Drake was performing on stage with Lil Wayne late Friday night in Camden, NJ when he suddenly collapsed on stage.

According to concert-goers the pair were performing "Best I Ever Had" when Drake did a spin move and collapsed to the floor.

As some of you may know Drake has a previous injury with a torn ACL and his doctor suggested that he take it easy on his leg.

Here's a picture a fan from the concert posted via twitpic.com. You can tell from the picture that he is in some serious pain.

This is not good for the thousands of Drake fans going to the "America's Most Wanted" tour just to see him.

Get well soon Drizzy!!


Eminem Diss

Eminem releases a new diss song talking trash about Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon. Apparantly this is a response to her new video "Obsessed", in which Mariah is dressed up like Eminem and acts obsessed over Mariah.

Here's the track properly named "Warning" and for you long time Eminem fans, like me, this track will remind you of the old Marshall Mathers LP. I just hate he had to go in so hard on Mariah & Nick, I love them.

How do you all feel about this apparant beef between the two? Shold Eminem be going so hard on a female, is he just a hurt lover or what?!

...And in case you missed it here's Mariah Carey's video for "Obsessed".


Loso's Day

The highly anticipated album from Fabolous is finally here. The album includes the sweet single "Throw it in the Bag" featuring The-Dream. Loso's Way the movie, also comes with the CD.

Fab also just dropped a new music video for the song, "Everything, Everyday" which features my two new favorite artists Ms. Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie. Check it out here...


In Case You Missed It...

For you Kanye West fans, he put on a live show on Fuse TV Saturday night, he was live from his hometown of Chicago. Here's the video via World Star Hip Hop...

KGB has released a very controversial commercial. The video shows Black females in a beauty shop doing hair weaves and one woman asked, "Where does natural extensions come from?", and the commercial goes downhill from there. Ya'll check it out.

How do you all feel about the commercial do any of you all females take offense to the commercial?

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans has been busy on the road promoting her new book "The Vixen Manual". She recently did a TV interview with a local news station and the interview went all wrong.

The guy reporter immediately starts the interview disrespectfully asking Karrine, "Are these the tips that you learned in all those years you did the music videos?" and you immediately see Karrine's mood change.

Check out the video...

Some say this is what she gets because after all she's nothing but a video chick, but you can definitly see that she has changed her life around, so she does not deserve to be ridiculed by these two reporters. What do you all think?


Chris Brown Apologizes...

Today Chris Brown released a video apologizing for the events that occurred between him and Rihanna in February. Ya'll check it out...

The apology seems scripted & not sincere. It would have been nice to see him speak from his heart, everyone makes mistakes though.


Sweet Video

Once again my girl, Beyonce has released another sweet video from her 2-disc CD I Am...Sasha Fierce. This time it is for the song "Sweet Dreams", it has a very futuristic feel to it. Go Bey!!

Gone Too Soon...

On June 25 we lost the Greatest Entertainer of All Time, Michael Jackson, to cardiac arrest. He was definitly "Gone Too Soon".



I'm Back!!

I have been in & out of town off & on for the past month and have not been updating CandiPop but I'm back and ready to get back to "Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth for Pop Culture"



Sweet Video

Beyonce has once again released another video from the album "I Am...Sasha Fierce" this video is for the song Broken-Hearted Girl.

This is one of my favorite songs from the "I Am" album and I am glad that Bey put together a very nice video for the song.

Li Lo Topless

Lindsay Lohan posted a topless picture of herself via Twitter on Monday.
LiLo posted it saying:

"op-fornarina.OLD PHOTOS. I'm THAT bored @iambenlyons and @perezhilton"

So when you're bored you post topless pictures of yourself Lindsay?! Ok! To each is own I guess.

When will she be making her official comeback, I would love to see her in a new movie soon!


Happy Birthday

June 16, 2009 marks the 38th birthday of the late great West coast rapper Tupac Shakur. He was truly a legend in the rap game and his legacy continues.

Let's all celebrate his life.

Happy Birthday Tupac!


L.C. Lives On

Lauren Conrad has written a book based loosely on her life as a reality tv star. L.A. Candy is about a 19 year old girl, Jane Roberts, who moves to Hollywood for an internship and begins to star in her own reality show.

I read an excerpt from the book in the June/July issue of Teen Vogue and it is a must read for the summer. I suggest that every fan of L.C. and The Hills should go and get this book.


Got Money? Why Save It?

T-Pain has just shelled out alot of money on his new "Big A$$ Chain".
The chain is 10 pounds and has 197 karats! Wow!!

How can you even wear something that big around your neck?? This is a bit too much T-Pain. I mean really, can we say "RIDICULOUS!?"

pic courtesy: smokingsection.uproxx.com

Sweetz for the Weekend

Year of the Comeback Strikes Again

Whitney Houston will be releasing her first album in 7 years come September 1. The title of the album has not been said. But her first single will be released this summer! So excited to hear that she is officially back. Do ya'll think the album will be nice?

Jay Z has the internet going crazy with his new song D.O.A (Death of Autotune) it is produced by No I.D. Check out the song right here....

It is reported that the new album The Blueprint 3 will be released September 11. I am looking forward to this! I am a big Jay Z fan and can not wait to buy the new album.

For you Lil Wayne & Kobe Bryant Fans

Lil Wayne shows who he's supporting in the NBA Finals giving Kobe Bryant a new theme song.

Kobe Bryant - Lil Wayne

I'm not a Kobe fan but it's a cute song. I'm a tad bit jealous though, I want a hot song about me.


American Idol "Out"

The runner-up of American Idol 2009 is the very controversial Adam Lambert. His sexuality has been under the radar since the beginning of the season. Although he has not confirmed it yet, it is reported that Adam will be on the cover of People speaking about it.

Monday night, Adam was seen holding hands with his boyfriend leaving "Guys & Dolls" nightclub in W. Hollywood. They are a very fashionable couple.

I find it interesting that America fell in love with this guy but yet America is still against homosexuality. It should be interesting to see how his popularity & fame plays out with his new music that is supposed to be releasing at the end of the year. Will he be the newest gay pop star?! I believe so, hey the guy is talented and an amazing singer. I wish him much success with his career.

Bow Wow Begs To Be Dropped

Recently on Twitter Bow Wow has been ranting about how bad he really wants to leave his record label, Columbia. The other day Bow did a live feed via justin.tv stating his exact problems with the label.

Watch live video from Bow Wow on Justin.tv

Now I don't know anything about the music business but what Bow says does make sense about Columbia not promoting rappers hard. Just look at who his labelmate is, BEYONCE. She is everywhere, world tours, U.S concerts, concert DVDs, double albums, they do it all for Beyonce. Yes her audience is broader, but if they promote Bow more maybe he could be gain a larger fanbase, instead of the little kids who love him. Because as we saw on the video that I posted last week "Pole in my Basement", he's definitly all grown up!

What do ya'll think?

Sweet Videos

New Black Eyed Peas New Video
2009 is the year of the comebacks & great new music. Black Eyed Peas reunited this year and dropped a sweet hit "Boom Boom Pow" & now their new single "I Gotta Feeling" will be blowing up the airwaves as well.
Check out the video...

OH NO! Not Again!
Last week I gave ya'll the video of Sexy Spec challenging some of our favorite male artists to a 'grind' off. In the video he was dancing and grinding to Pretty Ricky's new single "Tipsy". All the talk was finally dying down until Sexy Spec released part 2 of his very controversial video. SMH...But this time he's now dancing in his boxer briefs and saying that it's specifically for the ladies.

SMH again ya'll! What are ya'll thinking?
It's still a little questionable to me. And I want to know who is recording the video because I'm thinking it may be another guy! Just my opinion.


MTV Movie Awards

In case you missed it (like I did). Here's the video of comedian Bruno putting his stuff in Eminem's face.

Em's crew was really fighting dude off of Em. I don't think was staged at all.


Sweetz for the Weekend

Bow Wow releases new video for his song "Pole in my Basement" just for the guys

So it seems the 22 year old rapper is finally trying to break away from his child image with his new video. The video was definitly made for the guys, his wide fan base of females are probably not too happy since the video is focusing on a girl stripping for the camera and dancing on a pole. Ya'll check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think...

This is certainly not a video that will make it to any music network show. It's a little too risqué even for me.

Congrats to Kimora & Djimon

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou will soon be blessed with a new baby boy. Kimora went into labor early Saturday morning. She, of course, announced it through her twitter page and even sent a picture of her during labor.

“It’s time !! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now!! Love &
Light, KLS.”

She's still FABULOUS even during labor!!


Sweet Videos

Kanye West officially dropped his new video for 'Paranoid'

Rihanna is looking sweet in this video! So glad my girl is back...

But she's not the only one starring a new YouTube Video.

Chris Brown broke his silence

Her ex-beau Chris Brown just released some videos with his pal Bow Wow by his side. He spoke about his new upcoming album & new single that will be released this summer.

I'm not too sure about this video. He doesn't seem too sincere, especially the way he refers to his "real fans". What's that about? So your not a "real fan" if you think he's a woman beater?! I don't get it? What about ya'll?

Sexy 'Spec' Responds

Yesterday the internet was buzzing about the "Tipsy" video that Spectacular released on YouTube. Well he did a radio interview about the response he was getting and how the video was misunderstood.


--Mike Tyson Update--

As reported yesterday Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter, Exodus Tyson, was critically injured in a treadmill accident on Monday. It has just been confirmed that Exodus Tyson, 4, has now died. This is such a sad story.

“The Tyson family would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks for
all your prayers and support, and we ask that we be allowed our privacy at this
difficult time,” the boxer said in a statement.

A tragedy like this should show us all that we do not need to take life for granted. My prayers go out to the family. R.I.P Exodus.

Spectacular Dance's For You

Pretty Ricky's Spectacular released a video on YouTube challenging other r&b artists & groups to see who was Number 1. He debuted the group's new single "Tipsy" and does a 'questionable' dance as well. Ya'll take a look at it and let me know what you all think! SWEET OR SOUR?


Tyson's Daughter on Life Support

Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter was found beside a treadmill with a cord around her neck today in Phoenix. The little girl's 7 year old brother found her in the room on the treadmill and immediately called for their mother. The girl was taken to the emergency room, by ambulance and was stated to be in extremely critical condition. There is no word on how she fell and the cord became wrapped around her neck, but officials are sure it was an accident.

This is a very tragic story my prayers are with the Tyson family and hope that girl has a speedy recover.

Happy Memorial Day

Let's take the time to give thanks to all the soldiers who gave their lives to fight for our wonderful country.

Everyone be safe and enjoy the day!

Sweet Accessories...

I love the gladiator style sandal and Steve Madden has a pair that I need in my closet...NOW! I love the multicolored ones because it's a different look for gladiators. You usually find them in metallic colors and black & brown. These are priced at $80 on the Steve Madden website.

It's officially the summer time and that means great colored accessories. This bag I found on the Steve Madden website, its a nice bright yellow satchel style bag. Big enough to carry all your sweet summer essentials. You can find this bag on the Steve Madden website for only $58.

Daily Inspiration

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an
--William Feather


Bad Day Relief

A few weeks ago a friend introduced me to a website that allows people to vent about the bad things that happened in their lives. If you think you have it bad wait until you read these short stories on fmylife.com. Here are a couple of new stories that have been posted.

Today, I confronted my fiance and told him I knew his 'little secret'. I
had suspected that he had been ruining his wedding diet by eating pizza at
the office. He replied that the affair with his secretary had only been going on for
a couple of months. FML
-05/24/2009 at 7:39pm by Anonymous
Today, I was on the bus home and on the phone with my best friend discussing my sex life with this new guy I'm seeing. I was telling her all sorts of raunchy sex things we've done until someone taps my shoulder and says "I'm sure he doesn't appreciate you saying this in public." It was his mom. FML

- 05/19/2009 at 8:51pm by Kens

There are many more stories like this. The site has topics such as: work, kids, money, sex, life, and love and more.

Tyrese causing Mayhem

Tyrese will be releasing a new comic book called "Mayhem" coming to stores August 5. You can pre-order it now for $2.99 and the first 30 buyers you will get a personal phone call from Tyrese and the first 200 will get a limited edition comic signed by the man himself.

Now I am not a comic book fan, but it does look to be very interesting. The character, Mayhem will be saving the streets of Los Angeles from the crime lord Big X. I love the idea of a black superhero saving the world. Good job, Tyrese. For more info check out buymayhem.com.


Sweet Video

Beyonce just premiered her new video for the song Ego. Check it out!

What do ya'll think sweet or sour?

We'll Always Love Big Poppa

Today rapper Notorious B.I.G would have been 36 years old. We lost him back in '97 but his life & music still lives on! I wonder what the rap game would be like now if he was still alive.

Skys The Limit (Featuring 112) - The Notorious B.I.G.

Also R.I.P to Atlanta rapper Dolla. He was shot & killed earlier this week at Los Angeles mall. Dolla was signed to Akon's label Konvict Music and had the sweet hit "Who the F*** is That" last summer that blew up the airwaves. This is such a tragic story because he was only 21 and a rapper with a promising future. This violence has got to stop!

Sweet Accessories...

She Rockin' That "Chain" Like...

What a better way to start the daily sweet accessory than with the beautiful Bey! She was in Barcelona, with the hubby Jay, rocking a sweet diamond encrusted signature "B" chain! A nice simple item like that can add so much to your outfit. Pure sweetness, I would love to have a "R" chain that big around my neck. What about you? Sweet or Sour?

--pic via theybf.com

Sweet Umbrella

I just recently stumbled on a unique clothing site modcloth.com and found that they have really nice clothes and very unique accessories. While I was looking at the accessories I noticed they had an umbrella very similar to the one I own & love. I purchased mine at a boutique in SC and it is very similar to this except my handle is clear and makes a very odd circular shape. The "Strawberry Shortcake" umbrella is sold out on the site and was priced at $27.99. I love unique things that stand out! Whenever I carry this umbrella I always receive many compliments on its uniqueness.


It's Official

After months of speculation the very popular TV show on CW network "The Game" is cancelled. It's a very sad day in the Black community. Many blog sites have been claiming to have the "inside scoop" for weeks now but minutes ago on Twitter Tia Mowry made this statement:

It is OFFICIAL that THE GAME has been cancelled:( Just got the call from Mara! I am sad to bring this news!

-via @TiaMowry

Whenever a network moves a show to Friday nights you already know that the next step for the show is to get axed so I'm not surprised, but I do believe that this is really crazy after all the support they have been trying to raise for the show & the number of viewers they received for the season finale last Friday, I cannot believe they would go on and cancel it. This is one of the best shows on televison, I guess now we will just have to settle for the repeated re-runs on BET. CW network also cancelled "Everybody Hates Chris" as well.

the Palm Pre

Sprint has finally released the date for the "most anticipated electronic device of the year". The Palm Pre will be released Saturday June 6 and will bee $200 (after mail-in rebate) with a 2 yr contract, I am very excited about this. I already have the Palm Centro that came out in 2007 and I love the Palm devices, I have never had any technical problems with my phone so I know this phone is going to be great! The Pre is being compared to AT & T's iPhone and Verizon's Blackberry Storm. This phone has raised the slumming Palm stock up tremendously. You will be able to buy this phone at Sprint and Best Buy stores on the release dates. Best Buy is said to be giving an instant mail-in rebate to those who purchase the phone from their store. But Sprint is concerned that they will not have enough phones to their customers due to the high demand of the phone, so I am hoping that I will be able to get mine, I refuse to wait outside in any type of line, I'm too cute for that! I have my sprint lady emailing me all the insider info for the phone, and she just emailed saying that there will be a pre-release of the Palm Pre Friday June 5 and this event is invite only to Sprint's Premier Customers. If you are with Sprint the email should read:

As a Sprint Premier customer, you are exclusively invited to the hottest
wireless launch party. Mingle with celebs and enjoy hors d'oeuvres, wine, and
music while taking the Palm Pre for a spin on America’s most dependable 3G
network. Plus, you will be able to purchase the Pre at the event before it hits
the street.

I don't think regular people like me will be receiving that email, but it would be nice if it just popped up in my inbox. A girl can only dream!

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