Artist Spotlight: T. Walker

His love for music began early on, becoming influenced by his favorite rapper, DMX. In the 6th grade, T.Walker joined the school band and began to play the baritone, later also learning the tuba.  During his high school years, he also took interest in recording music but never officially recorded his first song until his freshman year at Winston-Salem State University.  There he linked up with Tony Dice and Young Marcus, growing more as an aspiring hip-hop artist.  In the summer of 2009, what he called a dream grew more into a vision after teaming up with long-time Eastern North Carolina friend, Chedda Chapp.  After joining 24/7 Music Group, T.Walker dropped his first official mixtape, “I Am Technology”, on February 16th 2010.  

Often being compared to Big Boi, Ludacris, and Joe Buddens, T.Walker strives to create his own lane in steering his way towards stardom, believing that he has something special and creative for ears of the masses.  Only time will tell as he is steadily working on future projects under the 24/7 brand.

Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Lauryn Hill, DMX, Chedda Chapp, Devin the dude, Andre 3000 & more. 

Mixtape: I Am Technology
I Am Technology 

Song of the Week: 
 WONDER WHY - T. Walker by CandiPop 

For Bookings/Contact: t.walker.nc@gmail.com


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