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New Black Eyed Peas New Video
2009 is the year of the comebacks & great new music. Black Eyed Peas reunited this year and dropped a sweet hit "Boom Boom Pow" & now their new single "I Gotta Feeling" will be blowing up the airwaves as well.
Check out the video...

OH NO! Not Again!
Last week I gave ya'll the video of Sexy Spec challenging some of our favorite male artists to a 'grind' off. In the video he was dancing and grinding to Pretty Ricky's new single "Tipsy". All the talk was finally dying down until Sexy Spec released part 2 of his very controversial video. SMH...But this time he's now dancing in his boxer briefs and saying that it's specifically for the ladies.

SMH again ya'll! What are ya'll thinking?
It's still a little questionable to me. And I want to know who is recording the video because I'm thinking it may be another guy! Just my opinion.

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  1. Wow he had the audacity to make a second video. Geez, he must not have been embarrassed enough by the first one. I wonder who records the vids too like wtf?

    He looks a hot ass mess too. SMH!


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