Bow Wow Begs To Be Dropped

Recently on Twitter Bow Wow has been ranting about how bad he really wants to leave his record label, Columbia. The other day Bow did a live feed via justin.tv stating his exact problems with the label.

Watch live video from Bow Wow on Justin.tv

Now I don't know anything about the music business but what Bow says does make sense about Columbia not promoting rappers hard. Just look at who his labelmate is, BEYONCE. She is everywhere, world tours, U.S concerts, concert DVDs, double albums, they do it all for Beyonce. Yes her audience is broader, but if they promote Bow more maybe he could be gain a larger fanbase, instead of the little kids who love him. Because as we saw on the video that I posted last week "Pole in my Basement", he's definitly all grown up!

What do ya'll think?

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