Sweetz for the Weekend

Year of the Comeback Strikes Again

Whitney Houston will be releasing her first album in 7 years come September 1. The title of the album has not been said. But her first single will be released this summer! So excited to hear that she is officially back. Do ya'll think the album will be nice?

Jay Z has the internet going crazy with his new song D.O.A (Death of Autotune) it is produced by No I.D. Check out the song right here....

It is reported that the new album The Blueprint 3 will be released September 11. I am looking forward to this! I am a big Jay Z fan and can not wait to buy the new album.

For you Lil Wayne & Kobe Bryant Fans

Lil Wayne shows who he's supporting in the NBA Finals giving Kobe Bryant a new theme song.

Kobe Bryant - Lil Wayne

I'm not a Kobe fan but it's a cute song. I'm a tad bit jealous though, I want a hot song about me.

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