Sweet Accessories...

She Rockin' That "Chain" Like...

What a better way to start the daily sweet accessory than with the beautiful Bey! She was in Barcelona, with the hubby Jay, rocking a sweet diamond encrusted signature "B" chain! A nice simple item like that can add so much to your outfit. Pure sweetness, I would love to have a "R" chain that big around my neck. What about you? Sweet or Sour?

--pic via theybf.com

Sweet Umbrella

I just recently stumbled on a unique clothing site modcloth.com and found that they have really nice clothes and very unique accessories. While I was looking at the accessories I noticed they had an umbrella very similar to the one I own & love. I purchased mine at a boutique in SC and it is very similar to this except my handle is clear and makes a very odd circular shape. The "Strawberry Shortcake" umbrella is sold out on the site and was priced at $27.99. I love unique things that stand out! Whenever I carry this umbrella I always receive many compliments on its uniqueness.

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