the Palm Pre

Sprint has finally released the date for the "most anticipated electronic device of the year". The Palm Pre will be released Saturday June 6 and will bee $200 (after mail-in rebate) with a 2 yr contract, I am very excited about this. I already have the Palm Centro that came out in 2007 and I love the Palm devices, I have never had any technical problems with my phone so I know this phone is going to be great! The Pre is being compared to AT & T's iPhone and Verizon's Blackberry Storm. This phone has raised the slumming Palm stock up tremendously. You will be able to buy this phone at Sprint and Best Buy stores on the release dates. Best Buy is said to be giving an instant mail-in rebate to those who purchase the phone from their store. But Sprint is concerned that they will not have enough phones to their customers due to the high demand of the phone, so I am hoping that I will be able to get mine, I refuse to wait outside in any type of line, I'm too cute for that! I have my sprint lady emailing me all the insider info for the phone, and she just emailed saying that there will be a pre-release of the Palm Pre Friday June 5 and this event is invite only to Sprint's Premier Customers. If you are with Sprint the email should read:

As a Sprint Premier customer, you are exclusively invited to the hottest
wireless launch party. Mingle with celebs and enjoy hors d'oeuvres, wine, and
music while taking the Palm Pre for a spin on America’s most dependable 3G
network. Plus, you will be able to purchase the Pre at the event before it hits
the street.

I don't think regular people like me will be receiving that email, but it would be nice if it just popped up in my inbox. A girl can only dream!

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