Chart Topper

The results are in and surprisingly Chrisette Michele's sophomore album Epiphany debuted No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart beating Ciara's Fantasy Ride that debuted No. 3. Although these two ladies were at the top, they still did not sell a many copies, Chrisette only sold 83,000 copies.
I am really shocked, I love both of these ladies and heard great things about their albums, but I really thought Ciara would top the charts being she is a pop superstar. Also she has 3 smash singles off the new album and has been promoting her album very hard, making appearances on everything. Maybe the fact that Chrisette's album was selling $2.99 on Amazon helped her a lot. Congrats to Chrisette though, for pulling off the top spot! I know she has to be on cloud 9 after hearing the news.

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