New York Goes to Work...

Reality star Tiffany "New York" Pollard has a brand new show on VH1 called "New York Goes to Work". Each week viewers are able to vote (via text message) for the job that they think New York should do. For those of you interested in voting please be aware that it costs a $1 per text and if New York completes the job she will receive $10,000 a wk. I personally feel that the $1 text goes toward her weekly check, so I would never vote. Why spend my money just to give it to her?!

But I will watch the show because New York is overly dramatic making the show hilarious! The first week viewers were given the option of having her work as a baker, exterminator, or farm worker. The viewers decided that she should be an exterminator, and boy was that funny! New York had to deal with "killer" bees, wrangle a snake, and climb under a house to get a dead mouse (which she did not do). Even though she put up a fight and did complete all but 1 task, she earned her money at the end. I will continue to watch the show and hope that you suckers viewers vote on the WORST & NASTIEST job for her to do for my entertainment pleasure!

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