Chicken Frenzy

Tuesday at 9am Oprah posted on her website that she would be giving the nation a FREE grilled chicken dinner with 2 sides, and a biscuit from KFC. All you had to do was go on http://oprah.com/ and print the coupon. BUT it was not that simple. Many people had problems with printing the coupon because you needed to download an application to your computer before you began to print. You are able to print 4 coupons & the offer last until May 19 (excluding Mother's Day). I was lucky enough to get a friend to print a coupon for me. A group of us went to KFC today and it was crazy! The drive thru line wrapped around the building and the wait inside was a hour long. But, it was well worth the wait because the chicken was great! Even though it is too late to print the coupon now, I suggest that ya'll go out to KFC and try their new grilled chicken.

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